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Our collection starts where others end: length sizes up from 34

Organic cotton

Made with soft and durable organic cotton, GOTS certified.

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Frequently asked questions

Hoe heet een nette joggingbroek?

Er is geen specifieke benaming voor een nette joggingbroek. Noem het een joggingbroek, sweatpants, jogger, trainingsbroek, huisbroek of relaxbroek. Het hangt namelijk van het model af en de pasvorm of het ook echt een nette joggingbroek is. De joggingbroek van The Organic Fit zijn net genoeg om casual buitenshuis te dragen, maar naar kantoor kun je beter kiezen voor een van onze chinos.

Hoeveel weegt een joggingbroek?

Een joggingbroek van The Organic Fit weegt rond de 500 gram. Het hangt van het materiaal en de samenstelling af hoeveel een joggingbroek weegt. Wij maken onze broeken met 320 GSM (gram per vierkante meter) katoen en kiezen hierbij voor 100% katoen, dus geen polyester.

Welke stof voor joggingbroek?

De joggingbroeken van The Organic Fit zijn gemaakt met 100% katoen. Uiteraard kiezen wij hierbij voor enkel biologisch katoen. Andere merken kiezen voor het toevoegen van polyester wat zorgt voor een betere vormvastheid. Wij vinden dit vooral ten koste gaan van het ademend vermogen van de broek; door geen polyester (plastic) te gebruiken kun je de broeken van The Organic Fit ook goed aan wanneer de temperaturen iets oplopen.

Welke schoenen onder joggingbroek?

Onder een joggingbroek kies je bij voorkeur voor een paar goede sneakers. Witte sneakers zijn wat ons betreft altijd een goede keuze.

Top-Quality Sweatpants Made with Organic Cotton

Our mens tall sweatpants are made with 100% organic cotton. This means that the pants are made entirely of cotton and that the cotton is 100% organic. A garment made entirely of cotton is breathable on warmer days and isolating on cooler days because of the brushed inside. The Organic Fit is a new Dutch clothing brand that aims to become the number one pants brand for tall people in Europe. Currently, we only offer both sweatpants and amazingly stylish chinos for tall men. We are constantly working on new items and expanding the collection and in autumn 2023 we will be launching a hoodie to complement your sweatpants!

Mens tall sweatpants also used as tracksuit pants

In addition to using your joggers as house pants, you can also use them as training pants. Ideal for when you’re working out at the gym or going for a leisurely run. With the slim-fit design, you’ll look modern and well-groomed, and every tall man will want to know where you bought these tall sweatpants! At The Organic Fit, we have tall sweatpants for almost every tall man, with different combinations of width and length sizes.

Handmade in Portugal

The Organic Fit’s pants are handmade in northern Portugal. Since this is the real textile region of the country, all suppliers are close to the factory, which means short supply chains and little pollution and environmental impact. The factory just above Porto has years of experience in making knitted jersey fabrics. Since 2020, they have been making our mens tall sweatpants.

Buy Your mens tall sweatpants now

The Hyperion Sweatpants is our first developed garment. Made by, and for, tall men like you, these are the perfect joggers with extra length. Available in length sizes 34, 36, and 38, like you are used to with your jeans. The tall sweatpants can be worn in many different ways and are ideal for use as leisure pants. With the slim-fit design and tight ankle cuffs, the pants can also be worn outdoors while still looking well-groomed. Choose your size now and shop for your mens tall sweatpants at The Organic Fit. Of course, free returns if you’re not satisfied!

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Your waist circumference 82-84 87-89 92-94 97-99 102-104
Choose waist size 30 32 34 36 38
Your leg length 88-92 93-97 98-102
Choose length size 34 36 38

We recommend you to choose the size which you are wearing for your everyday jeans. However, when you are not sure which size to choose, you can use this sizing table as an advise.

Waistsize: Your waist circumference measured at about the waistband of your boxershorts.
Lengthsize: Your inner leg length. Measured from your crotch, all the way to the floor, in a straight line.

When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Product information Hyperion Sweatpants
Hyperion Sweatpants Inseam Waist Hip Upper leg Leg opening
W32 x L34 76 80 110 59 26
W32 x L36 81 80 110 59 26
W32 x L38 86 80 110 60 26
W34 x L36 79 85 112 61 27
W34 x L38 84 85 112 62 27
W36 x L36 78 89,5 114 62 28
W36 x L38 83 89,5 114 63 28

Please note these are the dimensions of the actual product. We recommend you to not use these dimensions to determine which size you should order. Use the sizing-table at the top of this page in stead.

Product information Meranti Chinos
Meranti Chinos Inseam Waist Hip Upper leg Leg opening
W30 x L34 86,3 84 108 61 34
W30 x L36 91,4 84 108 61 34
W32 x L34 86,3 88 112 63,5 35
W32 x L36 91,4 88 112 63,5 35
W32 x L38 96,5 88 112 63,5 35
W34 x L36 91,4 92 116 66 36
W34 x L38 96,5 92 116 66 36
W36 x L36 91,4 96 120 68,5 37
W36 x L38 96,5 96 120 68,5 37
W38 x L38 96,5 100 124 71 38

Please note these are the dimensions of the actual product. We recommend you to not use these dimensions to determine which size you should order. Use the sizing-table at the top of this page in stead.