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The chinos from The Organic Fit are made with organic cotton and a small percentage of elastane for stretch. The pants are naturally available in length sizes up to length 38. The men’s extra-long chino is the second pant in The Organic Fit collection, along with our first Organic Fit, the Hyperion Sweatpants. The chino has a slim fit and is available for men.


This neat pants for men with extra length is named after the ‘Meranti’ wood species. Meranti is actually a collective name for various tropical hardwoods and is characterized by its high degree of durability. In addition, Meranti wood has an authentic appearance, precisely what we want to achieve with this slim-fit chino!


The chino pants are a real must-have in the wardrobe of every self-respecting man. The pants are extremely versatile because the chino can be used for both informal and formal occasions. At The Organic Fit, we now have the chino length size 38 for tall men. This chino is available in 10 sizes and 2 colors and is made with 100% organic cotton. The pants are slim fit and have a nice stretch making it an everyday pant.


The Meranti Chino is the ideal leisure pants for men who need extra length. A chino is a neat pants for men. At The Organic Fit, we have taken the classic design as a basis and modernized the chino by adding a slim fit. So, this neat pants men slim fit is ideal for men looking for a timeless chino for a night out or just a casual weekend day with friends.


The beige chino is of course the essential that every man should have in his wardrobe. The beige chino is so versatile and can be combined in so many ways that you are always good, even if you don’t know what to combine it with. For a casual look, finish the chino with a polo or t-shirt and a pair of good sneakers. For the more formal look, for example for your business meetings, combine the beige chino with a shirt, white or blue, and wear a jacket over it. Complete the look with neat shoes. The Organic Fit beige chino is the ideal pants for tall men, made with organic cotton and provided with a nice stretch.


At The Organic Fit, we now offer chino pants for men in addition to extra-long jogging pants. These pants: the Meranti Chino, are ideal for wearing on almost any occasion. Whether you have an informal or a more formal appointment, the chino always forms a good basis. Our chino pants for men are of course made with 100% organic cotton and finished with a peach finish. This ensures that the pants have a wonderfully soft look and feel and a good breathability, making them ideal to wear in all seasons.


Our chino length size 36 has a classic design complemented by a modern slim fit. This makes the pants extremely versatile and suitable for wearing on many occasions. Due to the slim fit, the pants fit nicely, but are certainly not too tight. At The Organic Fit, we offer free shipping and returns for domestic orders.


Finally, tall men can also enjoy the versatility and style of khaki pants. At The Organic Fit, we offer khaki pants for men in different length sizes. Many brands stop their sizing at length 34, but that’s where we start: pants with lengths 34, 36, and 38. Available in various waist sizes, this provides a great selection of khaki pants for tall men in the Netherlands.


We stand out from other clothing brands by providing the highest quality products combined with the best customer service. Everyone says it, but we actually do it. Don’t just take our word for it, ask our customers or read our product reviews. Our blue pants for men are the ideal pants for any occasion and can be easily paired with a nice polo or white dress shirt. Made from 100% organic cotton and crafted with true craftsmanship, our blue pants for men are of the highest quality. They have a slim fit and are a true must-have for every man, whether you’re into fashion or not.

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Your waist circumference 82-84 87-89 92-94 97-99 102-104
Choose waist size 30 32 34 36 38
Your leg length 88-92 93-97 98-102
Choose length size 34 36 38

We recommend you to choose the size which you are wearing for your everyday jeans. However, when you are not sure which size to choose, you can use this sizing table as an advise.

Waistsize: Your waist circumference measured at about the waistband of your boxershorts.
Lengthsize: Your inner leg length. Measured from your crotch, all the way to the floor, in a straight line.

When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Product information Hyperion Sweatpants
Hyperion Sweatpants Inseam Waist Hip Upper leg Leg opening
W32 x L34 76 80 110 59 26
W32 x L36 81 80 110 59 26
W32 x L38 86 80 110 60 26
W34 x L36 79 85 112 61 27
W34 x L38 84 85 112 62 27
W36 x L36 78 89,5 114 62 28
W36 x L38 83 89,5 114 63 28

Please note these are the dimensions of the actual product. We recommend you to not use these dimensions to determine which size you should order. Use the sizing-table at the top of this page in stead.

Product information Meranti Chinos
Meranti Chinos Inseam Waist Hip Upper leg Leg opening
W30 x L34 86,3 84 108 61 34
W30 x L36 91,4 84 108 61 34
W32 x L34 86,3 88 112 63,5 35
W32 x L36 91,4 88 112 63,5 35
W32 x L38 96,5 88 112 63,5 35
W34 x L36 91,4 92 116 66 36
W34 x L38 96,5 92 116 66 36
W36 x L36 91,4 96 120 68,5 37
W36 x L38 96,5 96 120 68,5 37
W38 x L38 96,5 100 124 71 38

Please note these are the dimensions of the actual product. We recommend you to not use these dimensions to determine which size you should order. Use the sizing-table at the top of this page in stead.