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As a tall guy you are looking for trousers with extra length. Every time when you’re online browsing for joggers, you are forced to buy an XXL. Only hoping this time it will be long enough. After having received your order you discover what you already feared; the sweatpants are not only far too wide, but they are still way too short. Leaving you with high waters, again.

Unfortunately, our world isn’t designed for us tall men. Legroom in airplanes is too tight, hotel beds are too short and a lot of fashion brands still don’t have pants which cover your ankles. How’s the weather up there? Do you play basketball? Will it ever get better?

Yes it will! I share your frustrations. Because of my own height of 2.03 m (6’8″) I have tried a lot of different fashion brands, looking for the perfect pants for tall men… with no success. That’s why I launched my own clothing brand The Organic Fit in 2020 with a mission to provide tall guys like you and me warm ankles for once and for all.

Machiel Zijl – 2.03m / 6’8″

The best customer support

Making you a happy customer is my number one priority. Are you not satisfied with a purchase? Do you want to provide me with feedback? Do you want another product in the collection or a new colour for one of the products? Let me know! Together we are able to grow The Organic Fit and make tall guys all around the world happy.

Pants with top quality

In today’s day and age where the discussion about climate change is a frequent subject of conversation, fashion brands are forced to reduce their impact by providing quality gear which will last for multiple seasons. The Organic Fit recognizes this and has a seasonless collection which will never go out of style.

Just some extra length

As a tall guy you are looking for one thing when shopping for pants: extra length! The Organic Fit provide essential tall men’s trousers in a modern slim fit and, of course, with the added length you so desperately need.

November 2019
Not so long ago

… I was lying in a, as usual, too short hotelbed. We tall guys are often overlooked. Every tall man acknowledges the fact that shopping for pants can be an absolute nightmare. Upper clothing and jeans become more often available in tall sizes, but what about sweatpants, chinos or even shorts? I didn’t think so.

February 2020
Let's get going

Without any proper experience in the fashion industry or ecommerce market I worked the evening hours and weekends on the first clothing designs. Next to my day job as a consultant in civil construction I spent long nights Googling how to make fashion designs, how to find a suitable manufacturer and how to build a website. After months of work a manufacturer was contacted, the first samples were made and at the end of 2020 the real first order of sweatpants was placed.

March 2021
3, 2, 1.. go!

Halfway through March 2021 the first batch of sweatpants was delivered at my doorstep. After a first check whether everything was the way it should be, the first stocks were filled and sales started. The Organic Fit was live! Soon after a new batch of sweatpants was ordered with our manufacturer containing new sizes and new colours.

July 2022
Not everything goes according to plan

The very first fashion design I made was that of the chino for tall men. While the first actual pants to go into production was the sweatpants, the chino was definitely second on that list. In summer 2021 I first made contact with a manufacturer in Spain and after multiple samples and a factory visit they decided to pull the plug in July 2022. Once again I had to turn to Google to go through the struggle of finding a suitable manufacturer for the chinos.

February 2023
Finally here they are

After previous setback I found a Dutch company with a demonstrated history of sourcing clothing manufacturers abroad and they connected me through a supplier in Turkey. In February 2023 I could finally hold the Meranti Chinos in my hands. The first real expansion of my collection.

The organic fit

The new fashion brand with pants for tall men

Only sizes for the tall

Our collection starts where others end: length sizes up from 34

Organic cotton

Made with soft and durable organic cotton, GOTS certified.

Free shipping

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Your waist circumference 82-84 87-89 92-94 97-99 102-104
Choose waist size 30 32 34 36 38
Your leg length 88-92 93-97 98-102
Choose length size 34 36 38

We recommend you to choose the size which you are wearing for your everyday jeans. However, when you are not sure which size to choose, you can use this sizing table as an advise.

Waistsize: Your waist circumference measured at about the waistband of your boxershorts.
Lengthsize: Your inner leg length. Measured from your crotch, all the way to the floor, in a straight line.

When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Product information Hyperion Sweatpants
Hyperion Sweatpants Inseam Waist Hip Upper leg Leg opening
W32 x L34 76 80 110 59 26
W32 x L36 81 80 110 59 26
W32 x L38 86 80 110 60 26
W34 x L36 79 85 112 61 27
W34 x L38 84 85 112 62 27
W36 x L36 78 89,5 114 62 28
W36 x L38 83 89,5 114 63 28

Please note these are the dimensions of the actual product. We recommend you to not use these dimensions to determine which size you should order. Use the sizing-table at the top of this page in stead.

Product information Meranti Chinos
Meranti Chinos Inseam Waist Hip Upper leg Leg opening
W30 x L34 86,3 84 108 61 34
W30 x L36 91,4 84 108 61 34
W32 x L34 86,3 88 112 63,5 35
W32 x L36 91,4 88 112 63,5 35
W32 x L38 96,5 88 112 63,5 35
W34 x L36 91,4 92 116 66 36
W34 x L38 96,5 92 116 66 36
W36 x L36 91,4 96 120 68,5 37
W36 x L38 96,5 96 120 68,5 37
W38 x L38 96,5 100 124 71 38

Please note these are the dimensions of the actual product. We recommend you to not use these dimensions to determine which size you should order. Use the sizing-table at the top of this page in stead.